Snow Day Holiday Gift Set

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November 09, 2007

Snow Day Holiday Gift Set

You thought it was an innocent little snow globe, didn't you?  You were fooled just like all the rest of them.  You couldn't wait until you got home to open it, so you decided to just take a peek in the car.  You pried the lid open carefully and POOF!  You found yourself vacuuming for the next three days.  It's been known to happen...even to the best of us.  It is therefore with great solemnity that I preach awareness to scrapbookers of all nations and creeds.  Incidents of shock and surprise when opening the gift set are abounding on the internet.  Many people will experience quick, involuntary flinching reactions that can result in serious situations.  Others will be pelted by hundreds of tiny, statically-charged foam beads.  Here are a few guidelines to keep you and your loved ones safe considering the explosive threat that is known as the Snow Day Holiday Gift Set:

1.  Do not attempt to open the Snow Day snow globe in a moving car.  The snow flurries inside pose a serious visual distraction to the driver.

2.  Do not attempt to open the your gift set while being mugged.  The sudden "pop" may result in a big uh-oh if your assailant happens to be a bit nervous and "trigger-happy".

3.  Never aim your snow globe at anyone unless you desire that someone to have anger all over his/her face.

4.  Do not attempt to board an airplane with an unopened Snow Day snow globe.  You may be stopped for questioning and maybe even one of those embarrassing searches.

5.  Keep your mouth firmly closed during all Snow Day gift set openings.  I recommend you hide under a blanket, turn your head to the side, purse your lips and squint a little...and take a picture...for evidence...and send it to me...

If you have any questions or lack any confidence when opening your snow globe, stop and call a professional scrapbooker to assist you.

Thank you,